Gerontology Course Descriptions

GERON 101: Introduction to Aging (3)

*Cross Ref: NURS 199
This introductory course will include the demographics of aging in the US and globally, the culture of aging, current research in the field of gerontology, a description of career opportunities related to aging, and an overview of courses offered in the Gerontology Studies Program. The student will be introduced to techniques of self-reflection and journaling to increase awareness of one’s own perceptions of aging. The student will experience elder client encounters that demonstrate successful aging and the complexity and diversity of the older client. 

GERON 205: Narrative Gerontology (3)

*Cross Ref: NURS 205
*Fulfills General Education requirement for interdisciplinary seminar
The purpose of this course is to introduce the student to narrative/story [Narrative Gerontology] as a way of knowing, a way of coming to connect with and communicate with the older adult in a variety of settings through interdisciplinary venues that include literature, gerontology, psychology, sociology, anthropology and nursing. The student will be introduced to interpretive phenomenology as a way of thinking and interpretive journaling to better understanding the diversity and complexity of the older adult. Student interdisciplinary teams will discuss a variety of readings and studies and participate in developing a community teaching/learning plan for older adults, leading to a multi-perspectival understanding of aging and how to come to understand what is meaningful to older adults both in the US and globally and across settings. 

GERON 395: Capstone Project (3)

*Prerequisite: GERON 101 and permission of program director or dean
This course is a collaborative project either working in teams to develop and present a community educational offering addressing an aspect of aging or in collaboration with a specific agency as an intern, or with a faculty member on a particular project related to the learning outcomes of the minor.

Additional courses

The courses listed above have the GERON course prefix. The majority of courses supporting the Gerontology minor is offered by various academic disciplines and can be searched in “Self-Service” using the course type “Gerontology.”