First-Year Programs

rom the summer before your first semester through the end of your first academic year, all first-year students will participate in a number of programs designed to welcome, acclimate, engage, and support you. These programs include: FOCUS Orientation, First Day for First-Years, Welcome Week and Transitions.


FOCUS is designed specifically to make your transition to college life as smooth as possible, by providing an overview of University programs, policies and services. New undergraduate students, including first-year and transfer students, entering SXU in the fall semesters must attend orientation. FOCUS offers students the opportunity to meet with new classmates, current SXU students, academic advisors and faculty as well as receive their first semester class schedules.

First Day for First-Years

First Day for First-Years is a mandatory, day-long program designed to welcome all new first-year students to the academic community and to allow them to experience a unique SXU tradition. This program includes a New Student Induction, meetings for students, parent/family info sessions, and more. Welcome Week events will begin that afternoon and continue throughout the weekend and first week of classes.

Welcome Weeks

The first week of the fall semester is known as Welcome Week. This annual tradition is designed to welcome all students -- new and returning -- to the new semester. The week includes a series of social, recreational, cultural and artistic programs held on campus, in the residence halls, and in the Chicagoland area.


To continue the transition into college, first-year students are enrolled in Transitions, a one-credit, semester-long course that aims to aid students in adapting to university life from a variety of perspectives. The curriculum includes an introduction to the Saint Xavier University community; development of an appreciation for the broader culture of a university education; and diversity, wellness and success strategies.

For more information about New Student Programs, call the Department of Student Life at 773-341-5060.