Elementary Education Program

The Elementary Education Program prepares candidates to teach in grades 1 through 6. Completion of the program leads to a Bachelor of Science degree and prepares candidates to obtain an Illinois Professional Educators License (PEL) with an endorsement in Elementary Education as well as a Reading Teacher Endorsement. The Elementary Education Program consists of general education and professional education courses that address requirements for graduation and the State of Illinois requirements for licensure.

University General Education and Illinois State Board of Education Coursework Requirements

Level I courses

Level II courses  

Level III Diversity and Global Studies

The Illinois State Board of Education requires the following subject specific content coursework for a Professional Educator License with Elementary Education Endorsement. These courses also fulfill many of the General Education Requirements listed above.

8-Semester Course of Study

Freshman I (16)

Freshman II (15)

Sophomore I (17)

Sophomore II (18)

Junior I (18)

Junior II (18)

Senior I

  1. EDU 385: Developing Proficient Readers: Instruction, Support, Materials and Resources for the Core Curriculum (3)
  2. EDU 343: Assessment and Diagnosis of Reading Problems (3)
  3. EDU 336: Methods of Teaching Mathematics in the Elementary Classroom (3)
  4. EDUP 395: Literacy Practicum (2)
  5. EDUP 389: Math Practicum I (1)
  6. EDU 322: Directed Teaching I - Elementary (3)
  7. EDU 332: Students Teaching Seminar I (1)

Senior II