Continuing and Adult Education

General Information

Continuing and Adult Education at Saint Xavier University is designed to assist adult students with their demanding lifestyle as well as their academic program. A variety of opportunities are available for adults establishing a new career, completing a degree or enriching personal/professional development skills. There is flexible scheduling which includes day, evening and Saturday classes to meet the needs lifestyle of non-traditional students. The curriculum is structured in an accelerated and/or traditional instructional format that promotes self-directed learning on the part of each student; it is designed to make the fullest possible use of the student's personal and professional experience. Each student is viewed as a collaborator in both inquiry and reflection.

Continuing and Adult Education offers the adult general education core for the following majors:

Evaluation and Acceptance of College Credit

To assist students with the transfer process our admission counselors are available to evaluate transcripts, aid returning students in determining how transfer credit can best be used toward a Saint Xavier University degree as well as which courses are needed in order to complete core and major areas of study. Official evaluation of transfer credit is done by the director of Records and Registration Services.

American Council on Education (ACE) Credit

Saint Xavier University is a member of the American Council on Education (ACE). This membership allows adult students the opportunity to obtain academic credit from military and workplace training programs from organizations such as business and industry, labor unions, professional and voluntary associations, technical and business schools, professional training suppliers and government agencies. Students are billed a $200 evaluation and processing fee. For more information, call the Continuing and Adult Education office at 708-802-6200.


Students may earn up to 27 college credits for designated courses through the college-level examination program (CLEP) or department challenge examinations. The University requires a score of 50 on each exam title. For information as to which course requirements can be satisfied through testing and for an examination schedule, students may check with the Office of Advising.

Credit for Prior Learning

Continuing and Adult Education will accept credit for prior learning through the evaluation and review of a portfolio. The portfolio is an organized collection of essays, employment history (resume), professional training and other pertinent documentation indicating learning through work and life experiences. Students must thoroughly demonstrate how knowledge and skills gained through life experience is equivalent to college level learning. Students are billed a $200 evaluation and processing fee. For more information, contact your advisor or Continuing and Adult Education.