Bachelor of Business Administration Fast-Track

The Graham School of Management in partnership with the Office of Graduate and Continuing Education offers a Bachelor of Business Administration Fast-Track degree which is a transfer degree program. This accelerated program was designed with the adult student in mind and is offered at our Orland Park location. Students will be able to complete this degree in significantly less time than the traditional calendar. The program assumes students will have already completed an associate's degree or its equivalent. Students participating in this program must meet the same program requirements and adhere to the same policy requirements listed for Graham School of Management students.

General Education Transfer Policy

All transfer students must take ACSU 101: Transfer Student Orientation. It is a one-on-one orientation, for no cost, and carries 0 credit hours. This is a graduation requirement for transfer students.

Transfer students with fewer than 30 hours

All requirements of the general education curriculum.

Transfer students with more than 30 hours

Students who have completed the Illinois Articulation Initiative General Education Core Curriculum (IAI/GECC) requirements (37-41 hours) must take the following additional mission based courses at SXU in order to fulfill their general education requirements:

Students have the opportunity to qualify for SXU’s IAI/GECC Articulation Agreement as long as the majority of the general education core has been met prior to transferring. Any remaining Ged Ed courses may be taken from Saint Xavier University. All other transfer students will be evaluated on an individual basis in terms of SXU General Education requirements.

To receive a bachelor of business administration fast-track degree students must successfully complete 120 hours of study that include the following:

  1. University's adult general education core requirements.

Business Prerequisites (19 credit hours)

Business Core Requirements (24 credit hours)

2. In order to complete their requirements, fast-track business students must choose 5 out of 8 approved business electives totaling 15 credit hours whose choices include but are not limited to:

3. Electives to complete 120 credit hours.

General Note for Bachelor of Business Administration Fast-Track Major

For course descriptions, consult the Graham School of Management and College of Arts and Sciences course listings.

At least 18 hours in the Business Administration Fast-Track major must be completed at Saint Xavier University. Completion of an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, IAI-GEC program or SXU General Education Program is required.