Psychology Course Descriptions 

PSYCH 101: Introduction to Psychology (3)

*Prerequisite for all other psychology courses
This course introduces the student to the scientific method as it is applied to the study of psychological processes and surveys theory and research in such areas as sensation and perception, conditioning and learning, motivation, emotion, human development, personality, psychopathology and other aspects of human behavior.

PSYCH 199: Lifespan Development (3)

*Prerequisite: PSYCH 101
This course is a survey of theory and research on development throughout the life span from conception to death. The course focuses on considering the normal physical, emotional, social and cognitive changes.

PSYCH 200: Child Development (3)

*Prerequisite: PSYCH 101
This course is a study of the physical, psychological and social development of the individual from infancy through childhood.

PSYCH 201: Adolescence Development (3)

*Prerequisite: PSYCH 101
This course examines the maturation, developmental tasks and difficulties which typically characterize adolescence and the transition to adulthood with the establishment of autonomy and adult life roles during the 20's.

PSYCH 204: Abnormal Psychology (3)

*Prerequisite: PSYCH 101
This course is an introduction to the understanding of problematic behaviors, their development, symptoms, and suggestions for treatment.

PSYCH 206: Social Psychology (3)

(formerly PSYCH 306)
*Prerequisite: PSYCH 101
This course focuses on principles, methods and applications of the study of the effects of people and the broader social environment on human behavior. Topics include social perception, social cognition, relationships, group processes and others.

PSYCH 224: Adulthood and Aging (3)

(formerly PSYCH 324)
*Prerequisite: PSYCH 101
This course considers physical changes with aging and psychological and sociological theory and research concerned with the changes and developmental tasks characteristic of mature adulthood, middle age and aging.

PSYCH 232: Personality Theories (3)

(formerly PSYCH 332)
*Prerequisite: PSYCH 101
This course covers representative theories and research from each of the major approaches to the study of personality: psychoanalytic, learning, cognitive, dispositional and humanistic and intervention strategies derived from these approaches.

PSYCH 242: Stress Management (3)

*Prerequisite: PSYCH 101
This is an experiential course focusing on the sources and consequences of stress. Students learn how to cope with stress, students will be exposed to a wide range of stress-reduction techniques.

PSYCH 300: Statistics for the Social Sciences (3)

*Prerequisite: PSYCH 101 and either an ACT math Score (MACT) of 22 or higher, an equivalent score on the University Math Placement Test, or a C or better in an appropriate Saint Xavier University math course recommended by the Psychology Department, such as college algebra or higher.
This course is an introduction to the basic concepts of and applications of descriptive (central tendency, variability, normal distribution, correlation) statistics and inferential (parametric and nonparametric) statistics. Students will test hypotheses via statistical software, such as IBM SPSS.

PSYCH 301: Research Methods (4)

*Prerequisite: PSYCH 101 and PSYCH 300 with a C or better
This course is a comprehensive analysis of the design of experiments and the methods used in psychological research. Review of research findings and methods in major topic areas in experimental psychology. Laboratory work is included in this course.

PSYCH 303: Human Motivation (3)

*Prerequisite: PSYCH 101 
This course focuses on the question of 'why people do what they do?' The course involves exploration of biological, learned and cognitive factors influencing human behavior. Specific topics may include: emotions, curiosity and exploration, achievement, aggression, addiction, stress, work and others.

PSYCH 311: Physiological Psychology (3)

*Prerequisite: PSYCH 101
This course is a study of the physiological and neurochemical correlates of perception, motivation, emotion and learning. Includes background information on the structure and physiology of the nervous system.

PSYCH 312: Perception (3)

*Prerequisite: PSYCH 101 
This course covers research on and theoretical formulations of the phenomena of perception. This will entail an in-depth analysis of the sensory systems, the various aspects of the environment they detect and the theories that have been developed to account for these phenomena.

PSYCH 313: Learning and Memory (3)

*Prerequisite: PSYCH 101
Examines experimental procedure, research data and theories for such topics as learning, structure of knowledge, memory, retrieval, forgetting and others. Laboratory demonstrations and experimentation are included in this course.

PSYCH 314: Thought and Language (3)

*Prerequisite: PSYCH 101
This course is a study of theory and research in the area of language and thought processes. Topics include: language structure, comprehension, language production, meaning, problem solving, reasoning and others. Laboratory demonstrations are included in this course.

PSYCH 315: Cognitive Psychology (3)

*Prerequisite: PSYCH 101
This course examines human thought processes primarily from the information-processing viewpoint. Topics include: learning, memory, problem solving, pattern recognition, language and artificial intelligence. Laboratory demonstrations are included in this course.

PSYCH 316: Consciousness (3)

*Prerequisite: PSYCH 101
This course provides an in-depth analysis of the various theories of consciousness and the various methodologies being used to study it.

PSYCH 317: History of Psychology (3)

*Prerequisite: PSYCH 101 and consent of the instructor.
This course is a study of the historical sources of contemporary psychology. Topics include survey of major historical movements such as: structuralism, functionalism, Gestalt psychology, behaviorism, existential and phenomenological psychology, and others. As the course fulfills the psychology degree capstone requirement, it is recommended that students have successfully completed many of their required psychology courses prior to enrollment.

PSYCH 319: Hormones and Behavior (3)

*Cross Ref: BIOL 329
*Prerequisite: PSYCH 101 
This course is taught from a comparative perspective, this course includes examples of hormone-behavior interactions in a variety of organisms. Animal data will be related to human development, physiology and ultimately human behavior.

PSYCH 321: Children with Exceptionalities (3)

*Prerequisite: PSYCH 101 and PSYCH 200
This course is an introduction to the child with intellectual, communicative, physical or emotional disorders. The course focuses on the psychological experience and the educational/rehabilitation services available to those atypical children.

PSYCH 323: Behavior Management (3)

*Prerequisite: PSYCH 101
This course is a study of theory and research in conditioning with particular attention to their applications to practical problems in a variety of settings such as psychotherapy, the schools, the family, hospitals, etc.

PSYCH 325: Individual and Group Therapy (3)

*Prerequisite: PSYCH 101, PSYCH 199 or PSYCH 200 and PSYCH 204
This course is designed to introduce students to theories and research in the area of counseling and psychotherapy and to introduce intervention strategies and skills. Lectures and readings address theories of therapy. Experiential learning activities and counseling lab exercises promote interpersonal effectiveness in interactions with individuals and groups. Modules addressing Career Awareness, Diversity Awareness, Ethical Decision-Making and Personal Development are features of the course.

PSYCH 326: Introduction to Clinical Psychology (3)

*Prerequisite: PSYCH 101, PSYCH 204, PSYCH 325 and consent of instructor
This course will introduce students to basic aspects of clinical psychology and mental health service delivery.  Students will participate in weekly discussions of relevant topics such as mental health career paths, psychological assessment, differential diagnosis, evidence-based treatment, case presentation, and ethics related to the provision of mental health care. As the course fulfills the psychology degree capstone requirement, it is recommended that students have successfully completed many of their required psychology courses prior to enrollment.

PSYCH 328: Psychology and Gender (3) 

*Prerequisite: PSYCH 101
This course explores ways in which gender impacts upon human development and social experience. Physical, cognitive, social and emotional aspects of gender are considered. Psychological theories and research pertaining to gender development are discussed.

PSYCH 340: Tests and Measurement (3)

*Prerequisite: PSYCH 101 and PSYCH 300 
This course is an examination of the basic concepts and principles of measurement and evaluation in psychology and education. The course considers the uses and limitations of the major types of instruments commonly used in these disciplines.

PSYCH 341: Health Psychology (3)

*Prerequisite: PSYCH 101
This course is an interdisciplinary study of health and psychology. The primary emphasis of the course is a biopsychosocial one. Content includes the history and focus of health psychology; an examination of stress, its relation to illness, and methods for coping with and reducing it; physical and psychological pain and methods for managing and controlling it; and procedures to enhance health and prevent illness.

PSYCH 354: Psychology of Addiction (3)

*Prerequisite: PSYCH 101
This course will be explored from the psychological, biological, and treatment perspectives. Students will gain an understanding of the history of drug use and drug policy, and will identify sociological factors that promote abuse and incarceration. Students will be introduced to pharmacological principles and the neuroanatomical basis of drug abuse. Theories of addiction and contemporary treatment and prevention paradigms will be explored.

PSYCH 357: Industrial Psychology (3)

*Prerequisite: PSYCH 101
This course is the study of selected topics relevant to understanding people at work. Topics may include employee selection, performance evaluation, training and development, work motivation and satisfaction.

PSYCH 361: Special Topics in Psychology (3)

*Prerequisite: PSYCH 101
This course is a concentrated study of a special topic within the field of psychology. The subject matter of this course will vary depending on student interest and faculty resources.

PSYCH 363: Advanced Design and Research (3)

*Prerequisite: Minimum 3.0 cumulative average in psychology, PSYCH 101, PSYCH 300, PSYCH 301 and consent of instructor
This course provides students with opportunities to design and carry out an extensive individual research project. Particular emphasis will be given to experimental methodology, factorial designs, complex survey techniques, psychometrics, and other quantitative approaches to scientific inquiry.

PSYCH 390: Research Seminar (3)

*Prerequisite: PSYCH 101, PSYCH 300, PSYCH 301 and consent of instructor
This course will offer to senior students the option to explore and research a special topic in psychology, within a small group setting. Each student will attempt to produce an advanced research paper, and present to their peers at the conclusion of the course. As the course fulfills the psychology degree capstone requirement, it is recommended that students have successfully completed many of their required psychology courses prior to enrollment. Enrollment is limited to 20 students, and preference given to students in their senior year.   

PSYCH 399: Independent Study in Psychology (1-3)

*Prerequisite: PSYCH 101 and consent of instructor
This course is a student-initiated independent program of study or research experience.