Physical Education Program

Physical education is that phase of education concerned with the teaching of skills, attitudes and theories in physical activity. The primary goal of the physical education program at Saint Xavier University is to enhance the quality of life of our students. The focus is to encourage students not just to avoid sickness, but to achieve total wellness. Wellness is a state of healthy balance whereby an individual makes decisions regarding exercise and fitness, nutrition and diet, rest and relaxation and health habits. The purpose of the physical education program is to provide students with the opportunity to experience and participate in a variety of physical education, health and coaching courses that meet their individual needs. The courses in physical education provide an opportunity for the personal and health development of students and a means of fulfilling the physical education requirement in most teacher certification programs. Education majors interested in earning an endorsement to teach physical education should consult the School of Education for specific requirements.


K, DeGaetano, Director.

Physical Education Minor

Students who elect to minor in physical education must complete 18 credit hours of physical education classes, choosing from those that carry formal academic credit, including PE 116, plus 15 additional hours. Any of the coaching classes, SOC 140, BIOL 117, BIOL 200, BIOL 207 or any special topics course from other departments designated appropriate to fulfill the requirement may be taken. Elementary and secondary education students interested in a concentration and endorsement in physical education should consult the School of Education for specific requirements.