Honors Course Descriptions 

Honors Courses

For academic year 2016-17, the theme for the First Year Honors cohort is "Heroes, Gods and Monsters". Honors English, Honors Philosophy and Honors First Year Seminar will explore various permutations of these larger-than-life figures and their sociocultural significations.

HONOR 150: Honors English (3)

*Satisfies English 120 requirement in General Education curriculum
This course emphasizes critical reading, thinking and writing, honing students' skills in composing well-reasoned academic arguments. The instructor will assign selected readings related to the current Honors Seminars' theme, which will provide the subject matter for student writing. 

HONOR 151: Honors Philosophy (3)

*Satisfies Philosophy 140 or Philosophy 150 requirement in General Education curriculum
This course is an introduction to philosophical thinking, analysis and argument, incorporating examination of primary philosophical texts concerned with ethical and/or political issues. Course readings will be selected to address the Honors Program theme. 

HONOR 175: Honors First Year Seminar (3)

This course is a seminar designed to socialize first year students within the academic environment and to build critical thinking, reading and writing skills, while exploring issues related to the Honors First Year cohort theme. Fulfills the General Education requirement for FYS as well as required coursework in the discipline represented by the seminar topic.

Honors Level II: Elective Courses

Elective courses in the Social Sciences, Humanities, and the Natural Sciences will be offered on a rotating basis. Elective courses will emphasize critical thinking and writing and will nurture discipline-specific modes of inquiry and research strategies.

HONOR 210: Honors Social Science

*Satisfies one General Education requirement in the Level II Social Sciences
This course is a Social Science seminar designed specifically for honors students who will gain exposure to quantitative and/or qualitative research methods in their study of one of the following disciplines: anthropology, criminal justice, international studies, political science, psychology and sociology. 

HONOR 215: Honors Communications

*Satisfies one General Education requirement in the Level II Social Sciences
This course is a seminar for honors students designed to cultivate attention to how people use messages to generate meaning within and across various contexts, cultures, channels and media. 

HONOR 220: Honors History

*Satisfies one General Education requirement in Level II History
This course is a seminar designed for honors students that will immerse students in the exploration of a historical topic; possibilities include political and economic developments and cultural and social beliefs and practices. 

HONOR 225: Honors Literature

*Satisfies one General Education requirement in Level II Literature
This course is a seminar designed for honors students in which students will gain competence in close reading, the analysis of one or more literary genres and writing literary arguments. 

HONOR 230: Honors Fine Arts

*Satisfies one General Education requirement in the Level II Fine Arts curriculum
This course is a seminar that helps students develop skill and imagination in the creation or analysis of aesthetic objects, environments, and/
or experiences that can be shared with others. 

HONOR 235: Honors Philosophy

*Satisfies one General Education requirement in Level II Philosophy
This course is a seminar training honors students in the philosophical pursuit of questions about who we are and how it is that we may find meaning in the world. 

HONOR 240: Honors Religious Studies

*Satisfies one General Education requirement in Level II Religious Studies
This course is a seminar designed for honors students that fosters critical and informed perspectives on religion and religious traditions. 

HONOR 245: Honors Natural Science (3-4)

*Satisfies one Life Science OR one Physical Science General Education Level II requirement
This course is a seminar designed for honors students in which questions about life and/or the material substances that make up our physical and biological world are pursued through experimental research and scientific methodologies.

HONOR 320: Honors Interdisciplinary Seminar

*May satisfy elective credit in the two disciplines represented by the seminar topic.
This is an interdisciplinary seminar course specifically designed for Honors Students and required of all Honors Core Track students. The course attempts to integrate topics, issues or questions that have emerged over the theme-oriented Honors course of study that students have pursued in their first and second years in the Honors Program. Students will apply theory and research-based knowledge from two or more disciplines as foundation for developing a more integrated understanding of a complex topic. They will be able to articulate how two or more disciplinary perspectives have enabled them to synthesize new knowledge or deepen their understanding of a topic of inquiry. 

HONOR 350: Honors Fieldwork I (1-3)

*May be taken twice for different types of Field projects, each satisfying a separate Honors Unit.
The Honors Fieldwork elective is designed to provide hands-on experience in the students' areas of academic and professional interest; to encourage extracurrricular engagements that allow for the cultivation of pre-professional skills and knowledge; and to guide students in their development of "pre-professional personae," which will be communicated through materials and media appropriate to their individual post-baccalaureate goals. The Fieldwork option is open to all Honors students, although only Honors Scholars may use this course to satisfy one of their required Honors units. Non-honors students may also enroll in the course if recommended by full-time faculty in their major.

HONOR 352: Honors Capstone Project I (1-3)

*Prerequisite: a Capstone Project Proposal approved by the faculty mentor and Honors Program Director
This independent faculty mentored research and writing course is designed to help students successfully execute their capstone creative or research projects. Periodic class meetings to monitor project progress and reinforce Capstone Project standards and expectations. Required for Honors Scholars.

HONOR 353: Honors Capstone Project II (1-3)

This course is a continuation of HONOR 352 for students whose projects require two semesters for completion.

Honors Contract Course* (3)

*The course number will be determined by the home department's course designation.
Honors Scholar track students may fulfill one course requirement through a non-Honors course that is adapted to meet the standards of the Honors curriculum. Honors Contract Courses require an engagement that is qualitatively different; indeed, the individual honors student's learning should contribute to the learning of the entire classroom community. The students will identify learning objectives in conversation with the professor of record and with Honors Program administrators, negotiating terms that will be made explicit in a contract signed at the beginning of the semester of study.