Equivalency Testing

Saint Xavier University provides various options through which students can demonstrate subject matter mastery of certain courses. If successfully passed or completed, credit toward the degree is awarded.

There are various equivalency examinations available: advanced placement (AP), the college-level examination program (CLEP), excelsior exams and selected foreign language exams. Credit is also awarded through portfolio assessment (credit for prior learning). Credit earned through any of these options will be entered on a student's record upon completion of 12 credit hours of regular course credit earned at Saint Xavier University.

  1. Advanced placement (AP) tests are offered through the College Entrance Examination Board, usually as part of a high school curriculum. The AP examinations are administered in high school. Students must earn an acceptable score to receive college credit. Specific Advanced Placement score criteria and equivalency information are available in Advising and Educational Planning Services. AP credit is awarded after the student has successfully completed 12 credit hours at Saint Xavier University. Saint Xavier University recognizes College Acceleration Program (CAP) credit, providing the student earns a grade of C or better. AP credit will only be awarded upon receipt of the scores directly from the College Board.
  2. The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) is offered through the College Board and is administered by Records and Advising. CLEP offers a variety of 90-minute examinations that allow students to demonstrate knowledge in both general and subject areas. It is the policy of the University to grant credit for CLEP examinations, provided that University policies and procedures are complied with and that the scores meet the minimum acceptable scores. Most minimum acceptable scores are a 50, but there are some tests that a higher score is required before credit is allowed. No partial credit will be awarded for a score less than the minimum accepted score. Acceptable CLEP credit is reflected on the academic transcript. Students may not use CLEP credit to replace or raise a grade in any course in which the student has been enrolled. Students may not earn CLEP credit for courses below the level in which they have been placed or have completed. CLEP credit transferred from another institution is subject to the minimum standards required by the University. A maximum of 27 credit hours may by earned through CLEP. Students may repeat a CLEP examination three months after the examination was last taken. We follow the American College of Education (ACE) scoring guidelines, but we reserve the right to require a higher score. Students should contact the Office of Records and Advising for information about credit granted, acceptable score levels, eligibility for specific examinations and test registration.