Tuition and Fee Refunds

Student are financially obligated for all tuition and fees associated with registration. Failure to meet financial obligation may result in a cancellation of your registration.

Students who register for classes must pay all tuition and fees as billed unless they officially withdraw on Self-Service or in the Office of Records and Advising (A-203) by the withdrawal deadline. The University will not initiate withdrawals; a student must either drop a class or officially withdraw from the University within the published time period to be eligible to receive a tuition refund or adjustment.

Room charges are not refundable. Under exceptional circumstances, the vice president of Student Affairs may approve a room refund, on a prorated basis.

If, after registration, a student decides not to return to the University for the subsequent semester, he or she should notify the vice president of Student Affairs and withdraw from classes in the Office of Records and Advising or on Self-Service.