Teacher Leader Endorsement Course Descriptions

EDGTL 551: E-Learning Design and Technologies (2)

This course is an introduction to e-learning design and development, including project management, instructional analysis and strategies/methodologies for promoting online learning and participation.

EDGTL 552: Adult Development and Learning (3)

This course examines how adults acquire and apply knowledge and uses this information to promote a culture of shared accountability for school outcomes that maximizes teacher effectiveness, promotes collaboration and drives continuous improvement in instruction.

EDGTL 553: Professional Development (3)

This course examines the design and application of professional development experiences that meet the teaching and learning needs of teachers and staff.

EDGTL 554: Models of Teacher Evaluation (3)

This course covers various teacher evaluation models and facilitative practices that support teacher growth and development.

EDGTL 555: School Improvement Processes (3)

This course covers current leadership theories and data driven planning models that focus on a continuous school improvement process.

EDGTL 556: Building School, Family and Community Collaborations (3)*

This course examines diverse learners, families and communities. Special attention is given to building a school culture that focuses on student learning.

Field Experience Description

Candidates complete a field observation of a diverse "home and school, family partnership event." The field observation occurs in a PK-12 public and or private schools where candidates observe settings that are different from their own and diverse ways such as language, race, SES, religious, and urban/rural/suburban settings. The field observation culminates with the candidate reflecting on how school, family and community culture influences the educational outcomes of diverse learners.