Graduate Elementary Education MAT

The School of Education offers a Graduate Elementary Education Program (Master of Arts in Teaching) that has been designed in response to the revised Illinois licensure laws (ISBE Rules July 1, 2013). The Graduate Program prepares teacher candidates for an Illinois Professional Educators License (PEL) with an endorsement to teach students in Grades 1-6. The Graduate Elementary Education Program can be offered in either the traditional or online delivery formats. The traditional program will be available for those candidates who prefer the face-to-face classroom setting. The online delivery format offers flexibility for teacher candidates, particularly career changers and paraprofessionals, who must balance their coursework with jobs and family commitments. The online format will be open to teacher candidates across the state of Illinois who otherwise may not be able to attend SXU on-campus classes. Offering the program in either format is dependent on the number of applicants.

General Education Prerequisites

The general education courses, which address requirements for Illinois licensure, may have been met within the candidate's undergraduate studies. A review of the candidate's transcript(s) will indicate if any general education deficiencies exist.

The Illinois State Board of Education requires the following subject specific content coursework:

Mathematics (As per Illinois Administrative Code: Section 20.120)

Science (As per Illinois Administrative Code: Section 25.97)

Social Sciences (As per Illinois Administrative Code: Section 25.97)

Sequence of Professional Education Courses

Semester 1

Semester 2 

GATE #1: Admission to Level II Coursework Basic Skills Admission Requirement (Students must present evidence of passing score on TAP, SAT or ACT and a minimum GPA of 3.0).

Semester 3

Semester 4

GATE #2: Clinical Practice/Student Teaching Application

Semester 5

GATE #3: Contest Test Requirement

Semester 6

Semester 7

GATE #4: edTPA and SXU Graduation Requirements