Reading Teacher Course Descriptions

Core Courses

EDGCC 513: Educational Research, Design and Development (3)

*Cross Ref: All sections of 513
*Offered according to cohort schedule
This course initiates the graduate study research requirement. Course content differentiates the foundational assumptions, elements, methods and designs of educational research through both qualitative and quantitative paradigms. A statement of original research inquiry, a literature review and a plan for investigating a research problem are developed. 

Required Coursework

EDGCC 550: Literacy in the Content Areas (3)

*NOTE: This course does not meet requirements for candidates in the graduate reading program.
Focuses on methods and materials used to teach literacy in the content areas. Includes selection and differentiation of instructional approaches to meet students' literacy needs in the specific disciplines. Emphasizes vocabulary, comprehension, writing, motivation, and critical thinking. 

EDGRT 561: Foundations of Language and Literacy (3)

This foundational course investigates research relating to oral language and literacy development in grades PreK-12. Methods, materials and teaching practices for language and literacy instruction will be explored. The course focuses on an examination of phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, listening, speaking and the reading/writing connection.

EDGRT 562: 21st Century Literacies (3)

The study of 21st century digital, media, visual and multi-literacies focusing on best practices for teaching K-12 readers.

EDGRT 563: Children and Adolescent Literature (3)

The course expands knowledge of children and young adult literature with emphasis on using literature to create a classroom responsive to diversity and various social environments. A variety of genres and media formats are considered.

EDGRT 564: Teaching Writing in K-12 Setting (3)

This course explores research-based strategies that support writers in grades K-12. Candidates examine theoretical writing pedagogy with practical classroom applications. Focus is on the writing process, writing workshop, mini-lessons, multi-genre writing, assessing writing and the reading/writing connection.

EDGRT 565: Teaching Reading and Writing in a Second Language (3)

This course studies reading and writing development in English language learners emphasizing best practices for teaching literacy to multicultural/multilingual students.

EDGRT 566: Literacy Instruction, Materials and Resources for Diverse Learners (3)

This course explores research-based resources and materials that support proficient and struggling readers. Candidates will examine a variety of materials and resources used for literacy instruction and determine appropriateness for diverse learners.

EDGRT 567: Practicum I: Literacy Assessment and Evaluation (3)

This practicum course examines assessments appropriate for determining the literacy needs of struggling readers in the classroom. Assessment tools for screening, diagnosis, progress monitoring and outcome measurement are investigated.

EDGRT 568: Practicum II: Literacy Intervention for Diverse Learners (3)

This advanced practicum course extends experiences in creating and providing interventions for struggling readers. The course requires an analysis of assessment data to inform classroom instruction.