English as a Second Language/Bilingual Education/TESOL Course Descriptions

Core Courses

EDGCC 511: Foundations of Education (3)

*Offered according to cohort schedule
This course examines the social, historical and philosophical foundations of American education. It explores the relationship between school and society, the development of the U.S. educational system from its inception to the present and the philosophical questions that guide educational thought and practice. Students apply these philosophical questions to a variety of contemporary situations, including theories of learning and educational policies. 

EDGCC 512: Assessment of Instruction and Learning (3)

*Cross Ref: EDGCI and EDGAL 527
*Offered according to cohort schedule
This course is designed to address the assessment and evaluation of student progress toward meeting targeted standards, learning objectives and competencies. The development of interpretive skills across learning objectives will be stressed. Topics addressed include: standards-based assessment, standardized tests and interpreting their results, performance assessment, portfolio assessment, self-evaluation and dissemination of assessment results. 

EDGCC 513: Educational Research, Design and Development (3)

*Cross Ref: All sections of 513
*Offered according to cohort schedule
This course initiates the graduate study research requirement. Course content differentiates the foundational assumptions, elements, methods and designs of educational research through both qualitative and quantitative paradigms. A statement of original research inquiry, a literature review and a plan for investigating a research problem are developed. 

Courses Required for ESL Endorsement and/or BE

EDGTE 450: Methods of Teaching English as a Second Language/Foreign Language to Adults and Children (3)

*40 field experience hours
*Cross Ref: EDU 369
This course focuses on teaching English to adults and children in foreign and/or informal school settings. This course will develop candidates' understandings of and skills in the method and materials of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, intercultural competencies, language structure and teaching practice in supervised settings.

EDGTE 470: Advanced Methods of Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language to Adults and Children (3)

*40 field experience hours
*Cross Ref: EDU 362

This course is designed to develop advanced candidate theory, knowledge and skills, including advanced grammar, for teaching English in non-academic settins, e.g., community centers, adult education, and after-school programs, both in the U.S. and abroad.

EDGTE 479: Theoretical Foundations of Teaching ESL and Bilingual Education (3)

*10 field experience hours
*Cross Ref: EDU 363
*Offered as needed
This course is designed to introduce students to an understanding of the historical, philosophical, socioeconomic and educational issues that have led to the formation of ESL and bilingual education policies, programs and services for culturally diverse populations. An examination of the research concerning theories of language learning and acquisition as they pertain to ESL and bilingual education is included. 

EDGTE 480: Methods and Materials for Teaching English as a Second Language (3)

*25 field experience hours
*Cross Ref: EDU 364
*Offered as needed
Relevant topics concerning English as a second language are included in this course, as well as the nature and function of language. Methods of teaching, listening, speaking, reading and writing are presented. Students select and critically analyze ESL materials and are placed in supervised ESL classrooms for clinical experience. Research on methodologies in ESL instruction is developed. 

EDGTE 481: Cross-Cultural Studies in a Bilingual Program (3)

*20 field experience hours
*Cross Ref: EDU 365
*Offered as needed
This course focuses on teaching children from diverse linguistic, cultural and racial backgrounds within the context of societal issues related to poverty, discrimination, racism and sexism. Learning and communication styles and the impact of teacher expectations on student achievement are examined. Effective utilization of home and community resources is explored and a review of the professional literature is included. 

EDGTE 482: Methods and Materials of Teaching English in a Bilingual Program (3)

*25 field experience hours
*Cross Ref: EDU 366
*Offered as needed
A variety of program models, methodologies and strategies that are effective and appropriate for teaching the bilingual student are presented in this course. Methods and materials for integrating the English language arts into the teaching of mathematics, science and social studies are reviewed and employed. The course introduces techniques for managing a multi-level class and presents curricular development techniques for programs that assist students who are learning English in a bilingual educational setting. A supervised clinical experience in a bilingual classroom is provided. An overview of the research associated with teaching methodologies and bilingual education is included. 

EDGTE 483: Linguistics for Educators (3)

*10 field experience hours
*Cross Reference: EDU 367
*Offered as needed
This course provides an introduction to contemporary theories of language structure, phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics. Concentrates on applied linguistics relevant to the PreK-12 classroom and includes a review of pertinent professional literature.

EDGTE 484: Assessment of Bilingual Students (3)

*10 field experience hours
*Cross Ref: EDU 368
*Offered as needed
This course provides a theoretical and practical study of instruments and procedures for testing bilingual students. Formal and informal methods used to evaluate and assess language skills and academic proficiency are examined. Issues of non-discriminatory testing are addressed and the professional literature on assessment and bilingual education is reviewed.

EDGTE 570: Program Orientation (0)

Candidates' explore the School of Education's professional dispositions, which include the values, commitments and professional ethics that influence behaviors toward families, colleagues and communities that affect student learning. In addition, candidates complete the first of two professional dispositions self-assessment surveys. This course also explores key functions of course platforms (Canvas and LiveText) that will be utilized throughout the program. 

EDGTE 571: Program Reflection (0)

In this course the candidates reflect on their experience throughout the program. Candidates complete the final professional dispositions self-assessment survey.