Educational Technology Course Descriptions

Core Courses

EDGCC 511: Foundations of Education (3)

*Offered according to cohort schedule
This course examines the social, historical and philosophical foundations of American education. It explores the relationship between school and society, the development of the U.S. educational system from its inception to the present, and the philosophical questions that guide educational thought and practice. Students apply these philosophical questions to a variety of contemporary situations, including theories of learning and educational policies. 

EDGCC 512: Assessment of Instruction and Learning (3)

*Cross Ref: EDGCI and EDGAL 527
*Offered according to cohort schedule
This course is designed to address the assessment and evaluation of student progress toward meeting targeted standards, learning objectives and competencies. The development of interpretive skills across learning objectives will be stressed. Topics addressed include: standards-based assessment, standardized tests and interpreting their results, performance assessment, portfolio assessment, self-evaluation and dissemination of assessment results. 

EDGCC 513: Educational Research, Design and Development (3)

*Cross Ref: All sections of 513
*Offered according to cohort schedule
This course initiates the graduate study research requirement. Course content differentiates the foundational assumptions, elements, methods and designs of educational research through both qualitative and quantitative paradigms. A statement of original research inquiry, a literature review, and a plan for investigating a research problem are developed. 

EDGCC 514: Scholarship of Teaching: Finalizing the Inquiry Process (3)

*Prerequisite: EDGCC 513
*Offered as needed
This course is designed to guide and assist graduate students in the completion of the graduate research study. Students receive guidance in the collection and interpretation of data. Dissemination of research findings to peers, the educational community, and other relevant audiences is required. 

Required Coursework

EDGET 531: Foundations of Educational Technology (3)

*Offered as needed
This course examines the field of educational technology including the design, development, utilization, management and evaluation of instructional systems. Additionally, the philosophy and principals that influence educational technology is addressed. 

EDGET 532: Instructional Design Foundations (3)

*Offered as needed
Application of contemporary instructional design principles and models to real-world learning problems. The systems approach to designing instruction is emphasized. 

EDGET 533: Computers, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving in the Content Area (3)

*Offered as needed
This course examines the use of computers for promoting higher order thinking and problem solving in the content areas. Contemporary research and instructional strategies are examined. Students also begin an action research project on a topic related to the course content. 

EDGET 534: Emerging Technology Trends in Education (3)

*Offered as needed
The course examines the role of technology trends in educational institutions. The course focuses on understanding the life-cycle of technology, change management strategies, and ethical and legal issues associated with adapting and integrating technology into educational institutions. 

EDGET 535: Administration and Management of Educational Technology (3)

*Offered as needed
The course examines how to plan and manage successful training, professional development, and technological projects in educational institutions. Topical areas include planning and developing technology projects, evaluating and analyzing school and district capacity and readiness for a new technology project, organizing and managing human resources and support systems, scheduling, budgeting, team structures, defining project requirements and quality assurance. 

EDGET 536: 21st Century Literacies and Professional Development (3)

*Offered as needed
This course is designed to provide technology educators with the tools for engaging critical, digital literacies in a variety of educational settings, including within digital schools, learning management systems, collaborative content development tools, and multicultural community exchanges.

EDGET 537: Educational computers and Network Applications (3)

*Offered as needed
The course introduces instructional technology professionals to the fundamentals of computers, including terminology and operations. The course also examines the fundamental concepts of planning, designing, and managing computer networking and knowledge of server-based applications for instructional settings.

EDGET 570: Program Orientation (0)

Candidates' explore the School of Education's professional dispositions, which include the values, commitments and professional ethics that influence behaviors toward families, colleagues and communities that affect student learning. In addition, candidates complete the first of two professional dispositions self-assessment surveys. This course also explores key functions of course platforms (Canvas and LiveText) that will be utilized throughout the program. 

EDGET 571: Program Reflection (0)

In this course the candidates reflect on their experience throughout the program. Candidates complete the final professional dispositions self-assessment survey.