Master of Science in Nursing

Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) Track

The family nurse practitioner option prepares nurses for advanced practice as direct providers of primary health care to individuals and families in their communities. Health maintenance, health promotion, disease prevention, disease management, and health restoration are central goals of FNP practice. The FNP option is designed to address the core competencies for nurse practitioner practice, and meet the certification guidelines for the educational preparation of Family Nurse Practitioners (American Nurses Credentialing Center; American Academy of Nurse Practitioners). In addition to the 25 credit hours of core and supportive courses, FNP students complete 20 credit hours in specialty courses that provide the scientific foundation and clinical base for advanced nursing practice as an FNP. Clinical practice experiences focus on the development of competencies required for the management of individuals and families in primary care settings.

Program of Study for the Family Nurse Practitioner Track

I. Core and Supportive Courses (25 credits)
NURSG 504 Philosophical and Theoretical Foundations of Advanced Nursing Practice (3)
NURSG 508 Epidemiology (3)
NURSG 509 Nursing Inquiry (3)
NURSG 517 Health Care Systems and Financing (3)
NURSG 500 Population-Based Health Care (3)
NURSG 503 Advanced Pathophysiology (3)
NURSG 505 Advanced Health Assessment for FNPs (3)
NURSG 512 Advanced Pharmacology (2)
NURSG 572 Family Systems (2)
II. Specialty Courses (20 credits)
NURSG 525 Pharmacology for Advanced Nursing Practice (1)
NURSG 592 FNP Internship in Community Health (1)
NURSG 519 Primary Care of Women and Children  (3)
NURGP 519 Primary Care of Women and Children Practicum (2)
NURSG 535 Management of Common Health Problems in Primary Care (3)
NURGP 535 Management of Common Health Problems in Primacy Care Practicum (3)
NURSG 536 Management of Complex Health Problems in Primary Care (3)
NURGP 536 Management of Complex Health Problems in Primary Care Practicum (3)
NURSG 537 FNP Role Synthesis (1)

( ) = credit hours