Master of Science in Nursing

Executive Leadership (EL) Track

The executive leadership option is designed to prepare nurses for administrative roles in nursing and health care settings. The EL track provides the knowledge and skills for roles as nurse managers, directors and other leadership roles across settings. Upon completion of the EL track, the graduate will have the academic qualifications for certification as a nurse executive. Certification examinations given by either the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) or the American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) Credentialing Center require appropriate employment experience to be eligible to take the certification exams.

In addition to the 15 credit hour core, students complete 23 credit hours in focused specialty courses that provide the foundation administrative role functions. A three-day on-campus residency is required in conjunction with NURSG 553.

Program of Study for the Executive Leadership Track

I. Core Courses (15 credits)
NURSG 504 Philosophical and Theoretical Foundations of Advanced Nursing Practice (3)
NURSG 508 Epidemiology (3)
NURSG 509 Nursing Inquiry (3)
NURSG 517 Health Care Systems and Financing (3)
NURSG 500 Population-Based Health Care (3)
II. Specialty Courses (23 credits)
NURSG 553 Communication, Culture, Collaboration, and Conflict (2)
NURSG 555 Administrative Leadership in Nursing I (3)
NURSG 556 Administrative Leadership in Nursing Practicum I (2)
NURSG 557 Information Technology and Health Care Outcomes (3)
NURSG 558 Advanced Health Care Finance (3)
NURSG 562 Administrative Leadership in Nursing II (3)
NURSG 567 Administrative Leadership Practicum in Nursing II (2)
NURSG 568 Advanced Health and Social Policy (3)
NURSG 578 Administrative Leadership in Nursing Capstone (2)