Middle Grade Endorsement

The middle grade endorsement is available for candidates completing a licensure program in either elementary or secondary education through summer of 2017. To earn this endorsement, candidates are required to have the equivalent of 3 credit hours of middle grade philosophy, curriculum, instruction and methods and 3 credit hours of early adolescent psychology, in addition to 18 credit hours in a subject area. At Saint Xavier University, EDGEL/EDGIP/EDGSE 459: Methods, Curriculum and Philosophy of Teaching in the Middle School and EDGSE 508: Advanced Adolescent Development satisfy the two specific requirements.

For the subject area, most endorsements require 18 credit hours in one subject, but some endorsements (bilingual education, English as a second language, gifted education, mathematics, safety and driver's education and reading) require additional hours or specific course requirements. Information about specific requirements can be obtained from program chairs and the director of licensure.