Master of Arts in Education

Multicategorical Special Education

The multicategorical special education program emphasizes theoretical and practical implications of identification, assessment and instruction of students with disabilities. By observation of and practice with students with disabilities in varied settings and across the age range from preschool to age 21, teacher candidates gain the expertise necessary to provide direct instruction to students with disabilities, monitor students' progress, conduct assessments, employ various methods and materials, and collaborate with families and various professionals and paraprofessionals.

Successful completion of this program leads to the learning behavior specialist (LBS) I certificate (Type 10). Candidates pursuing the LBS I certificate may or may not be certified teachers. Requirements for graduate students seeking LBS I certification varies depending on their previous coursework. Candidates must have coursework in educational psychology, methods of teaching mathematics and methods of teaching reading. These courses will be included in the program schedule for individuals who need them.

Program Requirements (33 to 36 Credit Hours, Plus Necessary Credits to Fulfill the Program Requirement)

Graduate students must successfully complete the following courses as program requirements:

EDGSE 507 Advanced Educational Psychology (3)
EDGEL 418 Methods of Teaching Reading (3)
EDGEL 421 Methods of Teaching Mathematics (3)

Candidates will be exempt from these courses if these courses have been completed as part of the candidate's teacher certification requirement (certified teachers). 

And the following professional education courses required for certification and the master of arts degree:

EDGSP 413 Survey of Students with Exceptionalities for Regular Classroom Teacher* (3)
EDGSP 470 Orientation to the Profession of Teaching (0)
EDGCC/EDGSP 513 Educational Research, Design and Development (3)
EDGSP 520 Characteristics of Students with Disabilities (3)
EDGSP 521 Foundations of Special Education (3)
EDGSP 522 Adaptations and Accommodations for Students with Disabilities (3)
EDGSP 523 Language Disorders and Instruction in Diverse Classroom (3)
EDGSP 524 Diagnostic Assessment for Educational Decision Making (3)
EDGSP 525 Methods of Teaching Students with Disabilities (6)
EDGSP 529 
Student Teaching: Students with Disabilities
Practicum: Students with Disabilities (Certified Teachers)


Additionally, one of the following two-course options must be selected. Successful completion of one of these options satisfies requirements for a master of arts degree.

EDGSP 533 Curriculum Development for Special Educators (3)
EDGSP 531 
Curriculum Evaluation and Collaborative Assessment for Special Educators
Behavior Management

EDGSP 532 Individualized Positive Behavior Support Plans (3)

* This course is not a requirement for the students enrolled in the multicategorical special education program. This course is required for students enrolled in early childhood, elementary and secondary certification.

Graduate students in multicategorical special education are required to pass the Test of Basic Skills or the Teast of Academic Proficiency and the General Curriculum Test (# 163) prior to beginning EDGSP 525: Methods of Teaching Students with Disabilities.

Professional Development Program

Individuals who are interested in pursuing a specialized program to fulfill requirements as outlined in their professional development plan may apply to the graduate program in multicategorical special education. Upon admission, an appropriate plan of study will be developed for them that will address their needs.

( ) = credit hours / / = classroom hours