Spanish Education

This program prepares individuals to teach in grades K-12, leads to a master of arts degree and prepares candidates to pursue an Illinois Type 10 license.

The program requires successful completion of the graduate program core courses, general education courses required for secondary education, Spanish education courses as described in the undergraduate catalog and the following professional education courses:

Professional Education Course Requirements (30 credit hours*)

Core Course Requirements (9 or 12 credit hours*)

*30 credit hours of professional education courses for a certificate, plus 9 or 12 credit hours of core courses for degree.

Candidates for a master of arts degree in education who are enrolled in the individualized programs must complete EDGCC 511, 512 and 513.

Candidates who choose to complete the research study must enroll in EDGCC 514. In lieu of enrolling in EDGCC 514 and completing a research study, candidates may enroll in two additional graduate courses in education at Saint Xavier University. The two courses should further the candidate's professional goals and the courses selected must be approved by the faculty adviser.