Secondary Education (9-12; K-12;or 6-12)

The secondary education program prepares candidates to teach in grades 9-12 or K-12, and in grades 6-12 for those who complete the optional middle grade endorsement course work. Saint Xavier University is approved to offer secondary education for the following content areas:

The program requires successful completion of general education courses, professional education courses and core courses, as outlined below:

Professional Education Course Requirements (30-33 credit hours*)

*Music students must complete an interview and audition; additional music content coursework may be required.

**Music students will be required to take EDGSE-434 (3) K-12 General Music

***In lieu of this course, music students may be required to take a graduate level MUS-335/EDGSE-435 (3) or MUS-336/EDGSE-436 (3)

Core Course Requirements (9 to 12 credit hours*)

*33 hours of professional education courses for a license for individuals without prior licensure, plus 9 or 12 credit hours of core courses for degree. This coursework meets the requirement for the middle school endorsement as well.

Candidates for a master of arts degree in secondary education must complete core courses: EDGCC 511, 513 and 514. In lieu of 514, graduate secondary students may take two additional graduate courses offered by the School of Education, as approved by their advisors.