Reading Specialist

The graduate program in reading is designed for practicing teachers who wish to develop their expertise in evidence-based language and literacy instruction, assessment, computer applications, instruction for urban and culturally and linguistically diverse learners and literacy research. It prepares graduates for positions as reading specialists and literacy coaches  in elementary and secondary schools.

This program is designed with the full-time teacher in mind with an emphasis on immediate classroom literacy applications. Graduate reading students seeking licensure must have a valid teaching license, a minimum of two years of teaching experience upon completion of the program, and meet the requirements for the state of Illinois special teaching license in reading. This program is offered in the cohort model at the Chicago and Orland Park campuses, as well as other off site campuses.

Program Requirements for Reading Specialist (33 credits)

EDGRS 523: Language Development and Literacy Instruction for Diverse Learners (3)

EDGRS 521: Technology and the Reading Specialist (3)

EDGRS 527: Theory and Practice of Language and Literacy (3)

EDGRS 520: The Reading-Writing Connection (3)

EDGRS 524: Literature for Children and Adolescents (3)

EDGRS 522: Teaching Reading in Content Area (3)

EDGRS 525: Practicum I: Assessment and Evaluation (3)

EDGRS 528: Practicum II: Instructional Intervention (3)

EDGRS 526: Curriculum Development and Supervision of Reading/Language Arts Programs (3)

EDGRS 513: Educational Research, Design and Development (3)

EDGRS 529: Seminar for Literacy Leaders (3)

Requirements for reading teacher endorsement can be earned through the reading specialist curriculum.

The following courses meet the requirement for reading teacher endorsement:

EDGRS 520: The Reading Writing Connection (3)

EDGRS 522: Teaching Reading in the Content Areas (3)

EDGRS 524: Literature for Children and Adolescents (3)

EDGRS 525: Practicum I. Assessment & Evaluation (3)

EDGRS 528: Practicum II: Instructional Interventions (3)

Additional coursework in literacy (total of 24 credits) are required for the endorsement.