Master of Arts in Education

Educational Administration and Leadership 

Effective spring of 2013 and in compliance with guideline of the Illinois State Board of Education, the School of Education will offer a new program aligned with the newly developed standards for administration and leadership of schools. 

Eligibility for the administrative certificates requires that applicants hold a master's degree, have the equivalent of four years full-time experience as a teacher or school service personnel on their certificate, complete internship experience appropriate to the endorsement, and pass appropriate state certification test(s). At the conclusion of the program, the candidate will be eligible for the principalship endorsement.

Coursework in the educational administration and leadership program addresses each of the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISLLC) Standards for School Leaders and the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) Critical Success Factors.  The curriculum is also aligned to the requirements set forth by the state of Illinois.  Furthermore, courses in the program have been carefully sequenced so that prior learning supports future experiences within coursework and throughout the internship.  Completion of the coursework is required for the principalship endorsement and the master of art degree.

This program will be offered in cohort model at the Chicago and Orland Park campus and as a field based program at off site locations.

Required Courses (34 credits)

EDGAL/EDGCC 513 Educational Research, Design and Development (3)
EDGAL 520 Economic, Social, Cultural, and Political Context of Schools (3)
EDGAL 521 Principles of Curriculum and Instructional Methods (3)
EDGAL 522 Organizational Theory and Administrative Leadership (3)
EDGAL 523 Internship for Organizational Theory and Administrative Leadership (2)
EDGAL 524 Fiscal and Organizational Management of Schools (3)
EDGAL 525 Instructional Supervision and Professional Development (3)
EDGAL 526 Internship for Instructional Supervision and Professional Development (2)
EDGAL 527 Assessment of Instruction and Learning
EDGAL 528 Influences of Law and Leadership in Educational Administration (3)
EDGAL 529 Leadership and Diversity (3)
EDGAL 530 Philosophical Basis of Educational Administration (3)
( ) = credit- hours / / = classroom hours