Foundation Module Course Descriptions

The following courses are all worth 1 credit hour each:

ACCT 401: Accounting Foundations  

This course covers basic concepts underlying published financial statements, including the balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement. Focus is on understanding statements rather than preparation.

ECON 402: Economic Principles     

This course reviews basic economic principles with a focus on macroeconomics. Issues include aggregate supply and demand, monetary and fiscal policy, consumption, investment, unemployment, inflation and economic growth.

ECON 406: Statistical Foundations 

This course provides a review of basic statistics focusing on descriptive statistics with an introduction to basic concepts underlying statistical inference.

FINC 403: Financial Principles  

This course includes basic concepts of the time value of money, discounts cash flows, capital budgeting, debt and equity financing.

MGMT 404: Management Foundations

This course provides a review of the human aspects of management. The focus is on the impact of human behavior in organizations and the implications they have on managerial decisions and actions.

MKTG 405: Marketing Foundations 

This course serves as an overview of critical aspects of marketing management. The four major areas of product, price, promotion and distribution are the main subjects of case study and situational analysis.