Graduate Students-at-Large

A limited number of graduate programs offer a student-at-large option, in which the student's enrollment is not that of a fully, officially admitted, and/or degree seeking, student. Students-at-large are not eligible for financial aid. 

Students-at-large must obtain written permission to register for a graduate course. This permission may be secured from the graduate program director or faculty advisor of the respective graduate program, provided that particular program allows for students-at-large. Once permission is secured, a student-at-large must register in person. However, it is the responsibility of the student to provide verification of an earned bachelor's degree. Further, the student must recognize that taking a course (or courses), as a student-at-large does not guarantee admission to any graduate program. In addition, students should familiarize themselves with the requirements of their program and the maximum number of credits that may be accepted for transfer. If a student has been denied admission to a graduate program at Saint Xavier University, registration for classes is not permitted.

Contact the Office of Graduate Admission at 773-298-3053 or for information about enrolling as a student-at-large.

A student denied admission to Saint Xavier University or dismissed from Saint Xavier University may not register as a student-at-large.